Its Just A Piece Of Paper

Some people call it an Order of Protection while in other places it's know as a Restraining Order. Whatever it is called in the municipality you reside I hope you never have the need for such a document. Usually these orders that are handed down by a judge or magistrate, are issued after something bad has already happened. If you find yourself dealing with some unstable person and you have been abused or feel threatened, by all means get all the help you can including a restraining order from the court. But please don't stop there.

This week in Cleveland, Ohio we suffered a trauma that has become all to familiar in our community and country. Four lives were ended at the hand of a monster. While I don't know all of the details to their story, I do know that Takeyra Collins had a protection order issued by a Cleveland Municipal Judge that was supposed to help keep the bad man away from her and her two children. Unfortunately it didn't work. They were murdered in their home by her sons father.

Not only were their lives taken but David Cousin, a neighbor who knew something wrong was happening was shot and killed when he attempted to intervene. I doubt he had a protection order against the killer, just as I am confident it wouldn't have mattered. When evil people have made up in their mind they are going to harm you; know that a restraining order is just a peace of paper. Showing that paper to the person who it is intended for when they are trying to harm or kill you will not mean anything to them. If it gets to the point of needing to obtain a restraining order, consider that your life and the lives of those around you is in danger. You are not dealing with a rational person if you have to go to the court to tell them you don't want to be bothered. Also that paper wont get the police to your location any faster.

No sane person wants to harm another human being. The sad reality of the world we live in is that not all people are good people. You have every right to defend yourself against anyone who would want to harm you and I encourage you to take full advantage of it. Being a responsible gun owner and properly training may save your life and the life of those you love.

I wish that along with that court order Ms. Collins would have had her conceal carry permit, some training hours and a snub-nosed .357 magnum revolver. At least she would have had a fighting chance against the monster that came through her door. Only then do I see the protection order as having any value. Had she been able to successfully defend herself and stop/kill the attacker instead of being murdered, that piece of paper helps with her justification and defense if she has to go to court.

I wish more men like Mr. Cousins would step up in our communities. Men who are willing to get involved. There must be more positive role models for young boys. There must be more men who will demonstrate authentic, healthy manhood.

If you are reading my blog please know that your life is valuable. No one has the right to make you live in fear. No one has the right to take your life. Law Enforcement is reactive, meaning they only show up after something has already happened. You must be proactive concerning your safety and protection. Choose to be prepared! Domestic Violence happens far too often. Do all that you can and tap every resource afforded to you to prevent yourself from being a victim!

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